Difference Between a Nursery and a Daycare

Another and the most common decision that all parents must make is whether to send their kids to daycare or preschool. A nursery is a place which offers different activities and assessments for kids to properly develop and learn different things. Nurseries don’t open when there are summer holidays and snow days. But a day care is open on most holidays except for some major holidays. Some day care also provides the services for snow days. Preschools only have children aged from 2.5 years to 5 years old and almost all kids must be potty trained before enrolling. Whereas, day cares also offer care to children aged from from 6 weeks to 12 years. Preschools have different lesson plans or activities that are geared towards teaching kids with a specific goal. And in a preschool, there are different and social screening performances which are used to guide the employees on ways to improve the strengths and develop different areas of weaknesses. The day cares also offer a child watching service like babysitting while parents are at work or on short vacations. The kids and employees’ interactions maybe different from different preschools to day cares. Employees in a preschool offer more one-on-one time to observe the children.

Most preschools enroll kids aged from 3-5. These children will learn and grow but they are not old enough to attend kindergarten. Preschool also provide a good foundation for older toddlers to develop and build when they reach elementary school age and level. These kinds of facilities are typically followed by a similar schedule to regular school, which mean that they are closed on holidays and during the winters and summers. Preschools are often just a half a day long, but some also offer full days too. 

Most daycares are more geared towards providing a safe and sound environment for kids to stay when their parents are engaged or busy because of different things. Kids at daycares play with others of their age grouped kids. Daycare provides services to parents with the ability to go to work and not worried about leaving their kids with any babysitter or the huge expenses of hiring a private nanny. Daycares do not follow any school schedule or timings which also means that they offer longer hours for keeping kids and are open during holidays and school breaks as well.