When we feel happy, we dance and when we dance, we do all sorts of steps and people around us watch us that we happy, so they become happy as well. Well, you can imagine, if someone is sad and heart broken and they start to dance.

Well, if someone is really heart broken and sad and if they danced at that time, then the health experts say that it is good for their health. You must be thinking that when a person is said, he or she needs a hug or s shoulder to cry but how dancing will be effective.

There are many websites about health and dancing that say that dancing is also a way of getting all that negative energy out of the body and brain as well. There are different dance classes in Dubai that say that dancing is good for mental health as well.

It might be funny for some but the professional dancers know that dance is a way to express happiness and dance is a way to express sadness as well. only a true dancer who given his or her life to dance will understand this.

There are different types of dances from all around the world and if we start to mention the types of dances, then we would have a never ending list of post. If you are about to become a dancer and you definitely would have heard many this about being one, the good and the bad and we are sure that you must have heard the bad part more and that is why we are here, with some of our facts on dance so that next time you tell someone that you are about to become a dancer;

Dance for communication: many historians found the evidences of dance in Africa which are dated back 10,000 years ago and they saw that the old African people danced to communicate with the spirits.

Dance as Art: dance is considered an art now and it was considered an art then and it was said an art by the ancient Greek people.

Own the dance moves: many singers make their own dance moves just so that they can fit with the song like Michael Jackson invented the moonwalk for his song Thriller in 1982.