A high pressure washer, otherwise known as an electric motor-driven pressure washer, is a device that pumps water with the help of a pressure washer head. Pressure washers are powerful power tools which can effectively scrub grime and dirt off various outdoor surfaces with pressurized water by utilizing electric motors. The device uses water at a high pressure to wash away:

  • dirt 
  • grease 
  • mud 
  • snow

If you have a garden, you would definitely need one for your cleaning chores. There are several types of electric pressure washers available in the market and all of them use jet pressure rather than high pressure. 

Jet pressure washers: utilize high-pressure streams of water to wash stubborn dirt on surfaces such as:

  • grout 
  • bricks 
  • tiles 
  • pavers 
  • concrete 
  • asphalt 
  • vinyl 

The electric pump propels water to the nozzle through a nozzle, which is equipped with either a needle or spray nozzles. The high pressure in the jet nozzle forces the water into the dirt or grime keeping it clean until the task is completed.Jet pressure cleaners are useful in:

  • detergent-cleaning 
  • exterior cleaning 
  • road grubbing 

They are sometimes used in conjunction with hot water pressure washers. High-pressure washer, a type of pressure washer, was used originally for cleaning stubborn dirt on surfaces like tiles, asphalt, bricks, pavers, etc. 

Difference Between Electric & Gas Pressure Washers:

You would need to assess the cleaning needs of your company and choose between electric and gas pressure washers depending on your cleaning priorities. Gas powered machines are best suited for light-duty jobs and can be used at home. Electric pressure washers have more powerful suction power but take longer to get the job done and they are also more expensive than gas powered ones. All types of pressure washers can perform well and are great for keeping your driveway and garage looking neat and tidy.

Cold-water pressure washer machine: and vacuum cleaner in Dubai is also a useful tool when you are cleaning up large areas of dirt. The use of cold water will loosen the soil easily and you can also use a pressure washer on a damp cloth for rinsing and drying off the dirt once it has been loosened. A small electric vacuum cleaner is ideal for cleaning upholstery and carpet. It can also be used to remove stains and dirt from hard floor surfaces.