It is a question asked by many students when they are going to start their career as an engineer. It is a very tough field and it needs full attention of the person so they feel helpless in thinking that whether all the effort they put into it and all the money they spend is worth spending or not. It is a vast subject to have a debate on it but the main and most important thing is that you should always go with your heart and does in whatever you feel comfortable and happy. Some students will join this field only their parents want them to become one of the engineering consultants in Abu Dhabi but they don’t feel happiness  and satisfaction in that, as a result they fail to give their hundred percent in that field. If you are the one who is unable to detect the problems and feel uneasy with that then you should not join this field as no architecture firms in Dubai will going to hire a person like that.

When you finally get in to the engineering college due to your own will then it is not necessary that you will never encounter a problem. Even if you like your field a lot you can stuck to some problems and do not get the way out of it. In this situation you should not be panicked but try to see the solution and take it as your assignments to get out of your problem. You can ask for help from your seniors or from your professors and they will likely to help you. Few of the colleges have counselors there if your college has one then you can talk to him as he is there to assist you and help you in difficult times so that you never think about quitting your studies in the middle.

You need to know that there is a difference between your student life and the real life. The problems related to engineering you solve as a student are not real and you may get the idea of their solution through your books or friends but real life problems are bigger and trickier than those who study in college. You have to solve them without assistance and with perfection in order to stay in this field and earn.