Simple Sofa Cleaning Process

Fabric sofa cleaning in Dubai should be a top priority on your list with a cleaning company that employs the right equipment and techniques for your delicate fabric sofa. Here is what you should know about good fabric sofa cleaning process:

Step 1: First, choose a vacuum cleaner with a powerful suction power and a long hose to reach the edges and under chairs. Second, move the furniture in a direction where the cleaner can reach most areas without touching or moving furniture. Once the area has been cleaned, empty the vacuum bag and vacuum back and forth in the same direction.

Step 2: Let each area dry for five to ten minutes between vacuums and make sure there is enough air circulating. The longer the space stays wet and damp, the more likely dust particles will stick to it and remain there, affecting the fabric fibers and causing damage.

Step 3: Next, remove any upholstery fabric or cushions to where the fabric sofa cleaning process will begin. Follow the directions on fabric sofa cleaning pads for the best results. If cleaning spills occur, blot the area dry with paper towels or a sponge. Let the area dry completely before proceeding to the next step. Remember, stains should be allowed to dry before being cleaned.

Step 4: Once you have cleaned the fabric sofa cleaning process is complete. To remove pet stains and pet odor, a product such as Simple Pet Odour Remover can be used. A gentle cleaner, such as Fabric Softener can be used on upholstered sofas with a fabric softener like Soft Care.

Step 5: The fabric sofa cleaning process is complete when all the fabric’s napkins, cushion covers, and base fabrics are clean and dry. You may want to give your sofa’s a thorough vacuuming to get rid of pet stains and odors. By doing so, your sofas will last longer and continue to look fresh and new.

With proper cleaning and disinfection services in Dubai, your sofas can be enjoyed for many years. Stains and spills are relatively easy to prevent, but dirt and allergens are much harder to get rid of. If you live in an allergy-prone environment, such as in a pet-rich neighborhood, special allergy sufferers may need to do their own light cleaning of their sofas.