Tinting your car windows have so many benefits by considering all those benefits you prepare yourself to acquire such service by your local professional installer. Now you have given your car to the professionals and you are sitting in a waiting room. Find here more about 3m window tinting in Dubai. The first thing you look at these places is that they take your car to a place where there is no dust or wind. Next thing is they clean all of your windows with a product or a soup solution by this your windows are cleaned and ready for the next step.

Now the installer takes a measurement of your car windows and these professionals are so expert and precise about their measurements. Now they cut down the exact measured paper tint from the glass tinting roll and put the tint on the exterior of the cars body to cut it more precisely. Then these professionals use a heat gun to shrink the tint to fit right in to the window curves. They use it from a distance and it doesn’t harm your vehicle in any way. It is a safe procedure in tinting a car.

After the cut down of tint film these professionals use their on peeling board for more accurate cutting so the tint film fits right on the windows. After the cut down is complete according to the correct size and shape these professionals applies it on the inside of the window. Before this water soup solution is sprayed to settle the tint film on the window then the film liner is released and applied on the window. With the use of squeegee the excess solution which is remained under the film tint is wiped off.

Then the professional take a final inspection on the inside as well on the outside. They examine it closely to see whether the film tint is settled correctly or not.

The final stage is the drying stage. The professionals will tell you not to roll down your windows for straight 3 days otherwise the tints will be unsettled. Now this totally depends on the climate and region where you live. This tinting takes almost 2, 3 weeks to dry completely. Some bubbles could be appeared on the windows. It is totally normal. They disappears when they dry off completely so no need to panic. This is the whole procedure of tinting on car windows.