Having career discussions with your parents are not always as easy as expected because there will always be some differing ideas between you two. But in order to carry out the discussion and assure your parents about your future career choices, thorough research can surely help you in reaching somewhere. Here are some important points concerning ACCA in Abu Dhabi which you should definitely mention to your parents.

  • Globally recognized

This is not just another useless claim which most of the courses make, but instead it is one of the main reasons that students and job providers consider ACCA to be a solid qualification. This accounting and finance qualification prepares its students with a rigorous training course and international level exam preparation for students to be prepared for any upcoming trouble. This kind of qualification can also offer you a great deal of highly paying jobs which you may not be able to secure without it.

  • Freedom to choose career path

This is one of those unknown facts about ACCA qualification which most of the people tend to believe. Just because ACCA is a financing qualification it doesn’t mean that you will have to work in a financing firm only. Every business and company needs a financer and this gives you the flexibility to choose which ever career path and in whichever field you’ll like. ACCA will take you up to the ladder of success which will show you the right path to succeeding from junior accountant to even board level CFOs.

  • No prerequisites

This is something which everyone should seek advantage of. ACCA is a certificate level qualification which means that you can start learning it as soon as you acquire interest. For some students, university is not their thing and they want to get going with some basic qualification to help them through and ACCA or CFA level 1 is one of those. Don’t wait to be over with college or a degree, but instead you can easily opt for this course along with your degree and be benefitted with it.

There are so many other amazing things which we believe you would want to know and learn about. Think your career choices thoroughly through because for most students it is a road without u-turn and the time gone cannot be replaced.