It is nearly impossible for a business to succeed without marketing their products or services. There are so many different modes of marketing which one can opt for but in order to strategize a strong marketing technique, you will first have to understand the different modes of marketing and how they can be beneficial for you.

  • Paid advertisement

This is the traditional marketing method which you would have seen mostly equipped by the high end brands and businesses. Paid advertisements would include TVCs, print media advertisement such as ads in newspaper or magazines and the latest approach towards paid advertisement would be the sponsored ads on internet etc.

  • Cause marketing

This is the kind of marketing where a business or brand would associate their marketing with a cause to boost the audience reach. The basic example of cause marketing would be a brand selling their product and then donating half of their funds for a good cause. This makes the brand known for a good cause and people support it.

  • Relation boosting marketing

This is he kind of marketing which focuses on building relationship with customers or strengthening the bond. This one often relates to the customer loyalty enhancement for example the loyal customers or regular customers could be rewarded with a voucher or any such thing which encourages them to shop from you again.

  • Word of mouth

This is not kind of a marketing but more a reputation which a brand or business needs to establish. When a customer uses the product or services and they find them good enough they are surely going to recommend it to their friends and family which will then promote the business and bring in the multiple effect. 

  • Vehicle branding

This is another common type of marketing in which vehicle wraps display the advertisement of a brand or product. Vehicle graphics in Dubai are becoming increasingly popular because they are cheap and effective at the same time. They reach out the message to several people at the same time as delivering goods or just being parked outside on the street.

There are other types of marketing available, but the above ones are the most effective. As the time goes by you will find the right mode of marketing for your business easily. Just stay determined and experiment around to know which one works best.

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