Graphic design is a modern field in which visual aid is used to communicate ideas and to solve problems. Read the full info here about Art classes. Graphic designers use imagery, colour and typography. There are various types of graphic designing and these types often overlap with each other. Designers specialize in one kind or related kinds of graphic designing. Graphic designing require skills and techniques. If you want to be a designer or want design services, you need to understand the following types of graphic designing. 

  •  Visual graphic designing; advertisement and marketing of a brand requires visual graphic designing. Visual graphic designing gives identity to a brand and act as the connection between the business and consumers. They use images colours and shapes to design logos, colour pallets, typography of a brand in short they build the face of a brand. They also make business cards and stationary designs of a brand. Visual designing is one of the commonly used graphic designing. They should be expert in creative skills, communication and concepts.
  • Marketing graphic designs; companies and industries need best marketing strategies to engage and attract customers. Marketing designers come up with best plans to satisfy their customers. These designers work with different   companies and marketing professionals to come up with new plans. The marketing designers make posters, banners, billboards, broachers, menus, social media ads, online images on websites and blogs. 
  • User interface graphic design; UI is the face of an app or device that gives a user friendly experience. UI deals with visual experience and design on screen. Different elements like menus, icons, keyboard, buttons, micro-interactions are included in UI. A UI designer makes the interface interactive with technical advancement too. A UI designer makes mobile apps, games and desktop apps. They work with UX designers and UI developer.
  • Publication graphic design; publication design includes books, newspapers, newsletters, catalogue, magazines. Now it is mostly replaced by digital publishing. They use photography and graphics to create layouts as required by editors and publishers. 
  • Packaging graphic design; packaging design can also attract and communicate with consumers. Some products require packaging for storage and distribution so every box or package can present its brand. Packaging designers are experts in problem solving and have the ability to give a face to ideas. Packaging designers design the packages or labels of a variety of industries. They could use best marketing strategies to make a reputable brand and attract more customers.